Shalom kippah seeker!

At EgoKippot we personalize skullcaps

Why would you need personalized kippot (skullcaps)? Because you are planning a simcha (event) and want to cover your dear guests’ precious heads with unique party-personalized kipot: watch how impressed they are!
Or simply because you are fed up with wearing the same kipah as others and want an exclusive and personalized kippah to fit your ego’s quirks.

We offer suede, satin and cotton kipot personalized using three different techniques:

Printed kippot

Printed kippot

Any full color digital image printed over one of the four kipah panels. It can be a picture, a photo, a logo or any formatted text. This personalization option is the most convenient as it gives amazing results at a reasonable cost.
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Name yarmulkes

Kippot with namesIn yarmulkes with names, the letters are hand-painted on plain kippot using Tulip™ fabric paint. This personalization solution is the most basic and less expensive (BTW: Yarmulkes is a synonym of Kipot).
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Hand-painted kippot

Hand-painted kippotIn Hand-painted kipot, Images are painted over part or over the whole kipah surface. Of course names can be integrated into the design.
Painting on kipot is a time consuming process, therefore the art work is priced accordingly. Some models have been sold for $150!
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Someone may even ask what are kippot…
In Hebrew, kippot (or kipot) is the plural form of kippah (or kipah), which in English means skullcap, and in Yiddish yarmulke (or yarmulka).  Such are called the skullcaps that Jews use to wear in everyday life, or just in religious occasions, according to the level of their religious belief.

Someone else may wonder why Jews wear yarmulkes?

The guy in the video below from PunkTorah explains in 30 seconds what is a kippah and why it is worn: